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Acnos delivers access, insight, and expertise for clinical trials.

A vital resource for clinical trials, Acnos Pharma provides clinical supply services to companies around the globe. Whether it is a comparator, reference drug, Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP), co-medication, rescue therapy, or controlled drug you require, Acnos Pharma are ready to meet your demand with innovative solutions.

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Email info@acnospharma.de for more information or call us on : +49 30 7551 0215.

Clinical Trial Supply.

Precisely the right source for clinical trials.

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General Sales.

Whatever your requirement, we have the solution.

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Removing the risk and complexity from controlled drugs.

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Quality management, GxP-trained staff, and a state-of-the art warehouse.

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On time delivery to the world’s markets.

We understand that even the smallest delays in delivery can have serious ramifications for our customers and their patients; that’s why our partners trust Acnos Pharma to deliver on time, in full, with true German efficiency, wherever in the world that might be.
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Expanding for the Future.

Crossing borders and redefining industry standards with our new, 1700mstate-of-the-art, fully temperature-controlled warehouse.

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Connecting patients to life altering medication.