Acnos Updates

Since its establishment in 2013, Acnos Pharma GmbH has become a renowned international pharmaceutical wholesale business with a strong focus on the supply of comparator drugs for clinical trials, international pharmaceutical sales and narcotics.

Over the years Acnos have executed a step-by-step plan to build awareness, communicate their vision and mission and simultaneously optimize processes to meet increasing patient demand. Maintaining regular dialogue with healthcare professionals and leaders ensures Acnos stay in the forefront of upcoming market changes and evolving patient needs in order to find lasting and satisfying solutions.

At the end of Acnos’ fifth financial year, they have reported strong growth in several areas. This has catalyzed several major investments and some key strategic developments in the infrastructure of the company.
2019 has seen Acnos strengthen their Procurement and Sales teams to further establish their operational business units, rebrand the business and perhaps most importantly, begin the development of a 1,700m2 bonded warehouse at its headquarters in Aachen which will reach completion in Q2 2020.

The warehouse sits on the ‘three country border’ with access in minutes to the Dutch and Belgian markets, and aims to raise the bar for industry quality standards. With Brexit looming and with further delays looking likely, Acnos’ new bonded customs warehouse will enable them to continue business as normal, regardless of the outcome.

With such positive achievements to date and further strategic and operational development plans in the pipeline, Acnos look forward to seeing the business grow even further in 2020.