Oliver Fuß

Oliver Fuß

Responsible Person §52a AMG

Oliver has been Acnos’ Quality Manager for five years. In 2018, he was appointed Acnos’ Responsible Person in accordance with Section 52a AMG and oversees all customer and supplier qualifications and both internal and external on-site audits. Consequently, Oliver’s network is extensive, and he is connected with many experienced quality managers and QPs within the industry. Due to the international nature of clinical trial supply, Oliver has become an expert with regards to the national legislation in Germany, the EU regulations and directives, and with international legislation and guidelines. e.g. GxP, ICH Guideline, ASTM, etc.

In addition to this, Oliver is responsible for leading the design and establishment of Acnos’ new 1,700mstate-of-the-art facility in Aachen, which will be completed in Q2 2020 and built to the highest possible GxP specifications.

Oliver played a significant role in the validation of Acnos’ computer systems according to EU Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11.

He provides advice, support and guidance in relation to many business development projects and RFI/RFPs and is responsible for ensuring the constant harmonisation between quality and our customers’ requirements. In addition to quality, Oliver has extensive experience in regulatory, pharmaceutical logistics and supply chain, customs clearance and the handling of controlled drugs. In 2019 he was appointed by the authorities as Acnos’ Responsible Person for both narcotics and customs clearance.

Prior to joining Acnos, Oliver completed banking training, attained a Bachelors’ degree in Logistics and Retail and went on to obtain a Masters’ degree in Business Management.