Jochen Storandt

Jochen Storandt


With a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, Jochen has worked in various capacities, holding several healthcare management positions.

Prior to founding Acnos Pharma, Jochen was Purchasing Director at a leading parallel import company and was responsible for the development and merging of new markets. He successfully built several new alliances with partners around the globe, and managed and developed key accounts which led to strong growth of the company.

Jochen co-founded Acnos Pharma in 2015 and has acted as the frontline manager of Acnos Pharma since 2018, holding office as CEO of Acnos Pharma. His focus is on implementing sales and procurement strategies as well as creating and evolving early stage business projects for Acnos Pharma. He is responsible for the operational and strategic development of the company.

Jochen graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2011, with a Bachelors’ degree in International Business Management.